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. have a great day. neil cavuto forget roses. president obama delivering a $3.7 billion budget to congress on valentine's day and now the thorns. welcome, everyone, i am here for neil cavuto in "your world." $3.7 trillion in spending for next year, a record $1.65 trillion deficit for this year. president obama saying the budget is a downpayment on getting things under control. republicans saying, this plan is out-of-control. too much spending. too much taxing. not enough cutting. my next guest says the american people have had enough. and david walker from come back america initiative is the former u.s. comp creole -- comptroller general. are you sure if americans had their budget cut by $1 trillion would they like it? >> no but they have not been prepared by their leadership with the fact that if we don't make tough choices in installments, our future is not going to be as good as our past. >> to you think president obama is making a political calculation, i can't go after social security and medicare because the voters will not stand it and i will wait for the republicans to
election they ever see. we heard from robert gibbs that president obama has not called any middle east leader today including israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu. what do you make of that? >>guest: that the president clearly does not fad how delicate this situation is across the middle east and, also, how he is absolutely oblivious to the fact that the actions of the past two weeks have given israel a sense they are completely on their own. they feel abandoned. all the way to the left wing press in israel for longer saying that the united states is an yourly -- ally we can count on, they say the united states is a fair weather friend. >> are you saying president obama should have come out and said, hosni mubarak, we did not like you but you better stay, it is in our interests you stay. >>guest: no, no, he did not have to encourage mubarak to stay but what he did not need do was emasculate mubarak which you cannot do. he could have helped hip -- him save face and say it does not look like you will be able to stay. we will try to help you as we can but we cannot help you stay when
are. >>neil: this is the same day that -- he is talking about president obama and this report that the saudi king has told president obama to say cool it on the antimubarak stuff, if you don't fund him and you take money away from the government we will fill the slack. what is going on here? >>guest: well, again, that is the only message he could give, the only justification. he is desperate, reaching for messages that he would hope would resonate with the generation people. and i don't think it means a long term break in relationship. clearly it was useful for him at this moment. >>neil: thank you. before we get to our next segment, you see this same shot and you wonder what is going on. this is tahrir square. you have heard a great deal about it, liberation square, but i want you to see what it was like before all of this started. this is pretty much their central square, their version of washington's dupont or new new w york's columbus square, the american university of cairo, and sadat center, the central trapping hub with a lot of trains and buses connecting here and you
problem and that is what we are seeing in egypt. president obama is still sticking to earth not mandates and al gore admitted that he only supported them because of iowa farmers during the iowa caucus in the year 2000 so we are faced with a situation where we are using food crops for fuel that is not even an official way of doing it and this is helping to drive up the price of fuel not to mention inflation, high oil prices also increased cost of food and what president obama is doing today is essentially can be scened as the more the plans fail the more the planners plan and he will come back for more subsidies, more mandates, more tax credit, to try to manage and control the energy economy. >>neil: we should explain, you know this inside out, the more corn you earmark, nor pun intend for this sort of thing the less is available to eat. and that drives up and cuts the supply. many argue it has been overstated and overdone that it is not nearly that black and white but you say it is when foodstuffs are if short fly anyway you do not need to compound the problem. >>guest: you cannot look a
that want to shut the government down are the obama administration and senate democrats. we stayed up until 4:50 saturday morning passing a bill, we offered over $100 am am amendmeo fund the government through september and the democrats did not finish this work last congress so we passed the continuing resolution so the only folks that want to shut the government down or the obama administration and senate democrats. >>neil: they argue that you want to shut the government down because you would not entertain even middle ground on steps you could take to forestall that and you say it is their fault? >>guest: john boehner, the speaker of the house, has said that we will give you some time, maybe two or three weeks. >>neil: this is two week extension. would you be for that in a resolution which democratic leaders say, would not necessarily be clean but it could be a way to move the ball forward? >>guest: as long as it sets up steps to cut spending, if it's another one of the shake and became, fooling around things which is just let's go to two week, then another two week, and then a three wee
as i know, you were a big backer of hillary clinton and you would not coalesce around president obama when he was the nominee, and it is still bad blood, right? what do they say to you? do they say, look, get over it, he is the guy, he is the nominee, he is the vickor and he will be re-elected. >>guest: do they all say that? they don't say that to me and my friends are moderate. just because they are democrat does not noon they are liberal. we have a lot of moderate conservative democrats even those who supported president obama. >>neil: would they support any republican over president obama? >>guest: no, no, they wouldn't. >>neil: would you? >> it depends on what type of president obama shows up in 2013. >>neil: powerful, just like "lady." now, so, democrats are using rice over there as a reason to tax more here? that could be a problem. yellowbook has always been crucial to your business, but now, to get it really cooking, you need a little website development. some transparent reporting, so you know it's working. online ads and 1-on-1 marketing consultation. yellowbook's got all th
for leadership and from the president obama down they are abdicating the leadership and i am more than willing to pick thank you very much and made the hard decisions for our economic future if they decide they to not wish to do so. >>neil: and now transfer to the issue of shutting down the government. listen to this sound bite from a leading democratic. shut down is possible because that is what the republicans are threatening. >> there is a possible there could be a government shut down. >> the republicans threaten to shut down as they did 15 years ago. >> there is no reason for a government shut down. >> it seems lie the democrats want you to shut down the government thinking they will win politically but, again, you contest that. you do not think you would lose, do you? >> no, and what you heard in the sound bites were the perceptions of leadership through fearmongerring. we are not talking about shutting down the government and actually the president is the c.e.o. of this great corporation called the united states of america and we are going to make recommendations to him and if he contin
. democrats touting stimulus two years after president obama signed it into law but many folks in missouri who were fired for the $8.5 million bridge project are already out of work. one man is reporting on this very story. steve? >>reporter: yes, this is the very first stimulus project. ground broken two years ago today replacing the old osag. river bridge costing $8.5 million, done with stimulus money. the missouri department of transportation does not know when it would have had the money to replace the old span if not for stimulus funding. it meant paychecks tore scores of people working on the project and that ended with the completion of the job in the fall. since then workers have been scrambling to find work. a lot of guys in my profession are doing other things. shoveling dirt or whatever they can do working at turkey farms. you know, it's ... it's still bad. >> contractors working this bridge have had difficulty lining up new jobs and construction projects like this, we're told are hard to find so "show me state," firms had to look outside the state border. work is not plentiful. we
sheen will still have issues whether the government shuts down. it's, president obama actually said the people's social security checks would not go out and veteran benefits will be there and all the manned -- mandatory programs --. >>neil: let's tack about things that are not affected by a government shut down. interest payment on the debt, that would not happen because that is a top priority, pay off bondholders, right? >>guest: absolutely right. no danger of that happening. in fact, for most americans, all they will notice is it might take longer to get a passport, your tax refund could be delayed for a little while, depending on how long the shutdown lasts and you may not be able to go to the smithsonian if you lap -- happen to be in washington, dc during the shutdown but generally, the essential functions of government will still be there. >>shepard: the ones that are impacted, passport, looking to get a passport renewed or licensed or issued that could be affected and tax refund could be delayed, and parks on a case-by-case basis. but, bottom line, the scare tactics that have
of shady cairo dealings going down. reports today that president obama's -- the president mubarak's government approved pay ray for the government workers, and the country has the money or hosni has the money, how about $70 billion is how much he is worth. not bad for government worth. but he is not getting the all at a government salary but getting it off of ... us. you now know where the foreign aid has been going, all the more reason for texas congressman to end. congressman joins us on the phone. i guess this is all the vindication you need to prove your point. you give a lost money to a suspect government, this is what happens. >>guest: we have been proving our point but it is an expensive way to leadership the lesson. next week or next month, there will be a new dictator over there, and i don't think the money will quit. i think they will keep sending the money and then there will be a through group come in and rip us off. the american people should know about this, they should object to it, but when we are prosperous they do not mind too much but now that we are in trouble,
to what speaker boehner had to say about federal jobs. >> over the last two years since president obama took office the federal government has added 200,000 new federal jobs! and if some of those jobs are lost in this, so be it, we're broke. >> democrats are saying that is callous about job losses among the federal workers and your response? >>guest: what is callous is continuing the policies they implemented which have led to 10 percent unemployment, a record deficit, and led to a record debt. that is what is callous. here is another fact, in the last four years, the median family income in this country has declined 4.7 percent and in that same four-year period, government spending has increased 36 percent. the american people get there and they understand this. you cannot keep doing the same old same old if you want to grow jobs and grow our economy. that is the point the speaker is making. he is stating the fact, what the american people understand. >> one more news item for you, the president has just threatened the veto pen saying he will veto a spending bill to house republicans l
: thank you very much. president obama making the 13th trip to the buckeye state today. and my next guest will explain. not all public school teachers are protesting cuts, one is rallying for them. >>neil: to cleveland, ohio, president obama making his 13th stop to the state in as many months. nothing new for president facing another run, but if my guest is rice, not fair to the other two thirds of the states who are ignored in presidential races. former republican gubernatorial candidate of new york is looking to wipe out the electoral college so there is no need for favoritism trips. he became spokesman of the national popular vote campaign making that announcement today. very good do see you. how are you? >> been a while. >>neil: amen. what are you up to and what do you hope to do? >>guest: let me tell you what this is about. we are not trying to get rid of the electoral college but to get it to change their method of awarding electoral votes much the united states of america, the office of the presidency is the only office that a person is elected to and has the possibility of not rec
was stable. president obama could not help his community organizers instinct when he saw the people in the street and said go now and later backed off, and this is a terrible muddle and the only thing worse than being wrong and making a wrong decision is being unclear and, in fact, he is going a long way to erode the prestige of the american bully pulpit making our words mean less in less in a region that needs more. >>neil: the president is in a tough pickle. no matter what he says or does it is not enough. i think he should not say anything. because anything is construed as either supporting the guy in there, staying in there, leaving right away from there, so maybe the better part of valor is just shut up. >>guest: that is why the first priority of the president should be as his responsibility as commander in chief. american national security should be first. it is --. >>neil: what does that mean? what should he say or not say? >>guest: the egyptian government has been a key ally on a global war on terror and there is a reason why the state department exists and why negotiations
of the expenditures that president obama would like to do. find out what it will cost out of your pocket. this weekend. >> the unify in -- the union fight in wisconsin is not the only one. the obama administration is asking a federal judge to force states refusing to implement the health care, to get on board and my next guest is refusing. governor from alaska is on the phone. why, you are the first and only state to this point to refuse the federal money. why does that make sense? >>guest: well, the other states accept the federal money for the health insurance exchanges before the florida court ruling came down and the question is, are we going to acknowledge our courts are the arbiters of the constitution or not? and in this case, alaska, along with 25 other states asked the florida supreme court for a decision. we got that decision. that it is unconstitutional and the judge said his decision is the functional equivalent of an injunction and i think i have to abid by the law and the law of the land applying to my state is it's unconstitutional and we cannot implement. >> why wouldn't that florida j
that president obama was willing to target. >>neil: but they are not willing to entertain anything that is a rider or else. >>reporter: they have not responded to the new proposal put forward today. it will be hard for democrats not to say, that could be reasonable and we can do that, and get beyond the two weeks. >>neil: do you think that happens? look what happened the last shut down where it was largely viewed that bill clinton got better of them? they do not want to revisit that. >>guest: that could be it. but, right now, no one knows who will blame who. the game blaming thing, blame game, really that is annoying to people that want to see something get done and that is why i think harry reid came a little there what and if house republicans will say they will go this far, that is the art of compromise. >>neil: they see the grenade and they are trying to --. >>reporter: i think so and the white house, wisconsin has not gone well, this is not 1995 and they do not need to gamble whether they will get the blame. they would rather have a compromise and senator reid want out and at
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. hillary clinton and now senator john mccain, and president obama have come down on the side of the protester buzz we -- of the protesters but we have in intention of going to their rescue and the situation mubarak and their people have the guns. if they choose to excerpts people the people would came into the streets will say like always the americans open their mouth and they don't do anything. and we pay with our blood. >>neil: i know you are an expert on this. let me hazard a guess, when i hear the military that has close relations and the respect of the egyptian people over many, many years and suddenly we hear reports that the military is firing on the people ... something tells me i am missing something. is that as it appears? or is it not so simple? >>guest: over the course of my career i have never heard the egyptian army was against the egyptian people. i have heard that in the last couple of days. the army answers to general, former general mubarak, general suliman and now the vice president, and we also are seeing a situation that has changed. these are for longer
out and a banner reading "game over." president obama ramping up the pressure telling mubarak that an orderly transition must begin now and iran's spiritual leader praising the uprising saying it will spell defeat for the u.s. and more than 160,000 foreigners have been evacuated and men armed machetes at cairo's international airport and the united nations estimates 300 petroleum have been killed since the silencer -- the eruption. and up day at 28.5 points for dow, up 250-plus points on a week when the world was shaken but we are little stirred. and now from cairo, ashley, are they stirred there? >>reporter: this was the day of departure, the day the antiregime protests were going to march to the palace and sweep hosni mubarak out of office. that did not happen. a couple of hundred thousand supporters went back to liberation square, freedom square, if you like, and held rallies. but, more importantly, they did not clash on the jail we saw on wednesday and thursday, with the pro government supporters, the army finally became more proactive setting up tanks at the top of street
. and now president obama has thrown in his hand clearly with the unions and is this a losing proposition for him? >>guest: it is a losing proposition for him, stuart, for the very reason that you cited in that poll. but here is one other reason something i reminded the crowd of on saturday when i spoke to them. unions represent approximately 10 to 12 percent of the workforce. what about the rest of us 88 percent? what are we, chopped liver? all of the president's support going behind the unions, we have always known he was very pro union but this is blatant favoring one group over another. and, then, the fact that something has to be done. >>stuart: with union membership so far down, and unionization so concentrated in the public sector perhaps the feeling is that the president has to do something to support his union allies because they really are under pressure with the walker bill in wisconsin. >>guest: well, that is true but i think it is a bad political mistake on the part of the president. you still have a lot of independent voters. you still have a lot of people in their 88 percen
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